FAQs - Naturopathic Corporations

How should I name my Naturopathic Corporation?

Business & Professions Code Section 3674 states, “The name of a naturopathic corporation and any name or names under which it may render professional services, shall contain the words "naturopathic" or "naturopathic doctor" and, as appropriate, wording or abbreviations denoting its status as a corporation (inc., prof. corp., PC, etc.).”  This does not apply to non-corporate entities.

What happens if I setup my corporation already and did not follow the allowable naming rules?

You are hereby notified that if your naturopathic corporation does not currently comply with the above law, you have until December 31, 2021 to correct the name. 
After that time, the Committee will cite & fine individual NDs for unprofessional conduct for violating Section 3674 of the Naturopathic Doctors Act.

Am I required to set up a naturopathic corporation or am I able to be a sole proprietor? 

This is a decision that you would need to make.  If you are unsure how to proceed, it is recommended that licensees contact an appropriately licensed legal counsel and/or certified accountant that can assist you in making an informed decision.  If you choose to incorporate as a naturopathic corporation, all applicable laws in BPC section 3670 – 3675 and Corporations Code sections 13400 - 13410, along with California Code of Regulations 4264 – 2268 should be adhered to.