Laws & Regulations


Naturopathic Doctors Act

(Business and Professions Code, Division 2, Chapter 8.2)

Article Article Name Sections
Article 1. General Provisions 3610-3615
Article 2. Administration 3620-3627
Article 3. Licensure 3630-3637
Article 4. Application of Chapter 3640-3645
Article 5. Naturopathic Childbirth Attendance 3650-3655
Article 6. Offenses and Enforcement 3660-3664
Article 7. Naturopathic Corporations 3670-3675
Article 8. Fiscal Administration 3680-3681
Article 9. Miscellaneous Provisions 3685-3686

Fingerprints Requirement

California law (Business and Professions Code, Division 1, Chapter 1, Section 144) requires the California Board of Naturopathic Medicine and other agencies to require an applicant for licensure to furnish a full set of fingerprints for purposes of conducting criminal history record checks. The Board may obtain and receive, at its discretion, criminal history information from the Department of Justice and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Naturopathic Doctors Regulations