FAQs - ND Scope

Can an ND offer telehealth to their patients?

Yes.  NDs using Telehealth technologies to provide care to patients located in California must be licensed in California. NDs are held to the same standard of care, and retain the same responsibilities of providing informed consent, ensuring the privacy of medical information, and any other duties associated with practicing naturopathic medicine regardless of whether they are practicing via Telehealth or face to face, in person visits.  

 What are the requirements for NDs to perform IV Therapy in CA?

In order to perform IV therapy in CA as an ND, the following are required:

For more information, please visit our IV Therapy Specialty for Licensees page at https://naturopathic.ca.gov/applicants/admin_iv_licensees.shtml.

How will a pharmacist or patient know that I am allowed to perform IV Therapy services?

Once the Committee approves the Licensee IVT Specialty Application, the specialty will be added to the NDs license, the NDs online profile, and an IVT specialty wall certificate will be provided to the ND to post at their practice.

As an ND, may I offer Happy-Hour Shot deals or other types of coupons or discounts?

No.  NDs cannot offer lower prices for shots or services during a set time.  For those offering Happy Hour deals, you may offer them to those without an appointment, but cannot discount the price during the Happy-Hour scheduled times.

Can NDs hire and supervise RNs or LVNs?

No.  NDs may not hire and supervise RNs or LVNs under current law. 
NDs are allowed give orders to naturopathic assistants.