Independent Prescribing of Hormones by Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (NDs)


Recently there has been some confusion regarding independent hormone prescribing by licensed naturopathic doctors (NDs). Although California Business and Professions Code section 3640.5 states that a naturopathic doctor is not prohibited from furnishing or ordering drugs when such action occurs under the supervision of a physician and surgeon, California Business and Professions Code section 3640.7(b) states that notwithstanding the requirements of section 3640.5 or any other provision of the Naturopathic Doctors Act, a naturopathic doctor may independently prescribe and administer natural and synthetic hormones.

There is no requirement for physician (MD/DO) oversight to be in place for a licensed ND to prescribe hormones. Licensed NDs are required to have a DEA number when prescribing and administering any dangerous drug or device.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this law, please contact the California Board of Naturopathic Medicine by phone at (916) 928-4785 or by email at