Out-of-State Providers During COVID-19

The Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) is issuing waivers that allow providers who hold a license in another state to work in California during the declared COVID-19 emergency. These waivers are being issued for the following reasons:

  • Medical providers physically coming into California to assist at California medical facilities.
  • Medical providers who are not physically located in California but are contracted to provide telehealth to the clients of a California medical facility.
  • Medical providers who are not physically located and licensed in California, whose clients have moved or are moving to California permanently may receive a temporary 30-day waiver to help transition their client. This waiver is meant solely to help transition the client to the California healthcare system. At this time, no extensions to the initial 30-day waiver are being offered. Providers who want to continue working with their clients longer than the 30-day temporary waiver period should request information regarding obtaining California licensure.

This waiver process allowing EMSA to authorize out-of-state medical professionals to work in California will only be available for the duration of the Executive Order (Governor’s Emergency Proclamation on March 4, 2020). For more information on the waiver please visit the EMSA website at www.emsa.ca.gov/covid19 or email covid19@emsa.ca.gov.